October 15, 2008

So clear!

Feeling like offline,

and sometimes loosing the connection,

I try to search a way

To surf away from thread-some.

But like a hacker, it keeps following me,

I have to see it everywhere I go.

Punishing and torturing me!, 

Oh-well, its fun!

I'm saving my new virus, 

And taking it back home!

I don't know the software

Who made it? Or where does it come from?

but it's attaching me to an esteem,

Self definition that I adore!

I already knew it,

new releases are the spotlight just for a year,

but I, instead,

I'm like a star, It's so perfectly clear!

Now, I know you must be asking:

Who brainwashed you to this state?!

but, I'm sorry to disappoint you,

I was born to be this way! :)

1 comment:

---=]|[...]|[=--- said...

Cuando te vi online tan tarde ya sospechaba que ibas a escribir somethin'... Pero me encontré 3 nuevos, lol.

Me encantaron todos como siempre =D

Keep it up!