July 02, 2008

Angry me

How stupid am i!

In fact i couldn't be more stupider.

It’s like hoping to catch a dollar that the wind already owns.

It’s like walking a very long distance to find that the end has no difference from the beginning but the way they’re called.

It takes a simple phrase,

three seconds in a lifetime

and the chords of a voice that’s tired but somehow strong enough to stand from the silence and make me notice it,

make me feel bad.

This is angry me.

Is it possible that i could be this blind?

I don’t need a reminder of my imperfections thank you.

How many times do i have to proof that i can get up every time i fall?

Its hard to say when you don’t do

and its even harder when someone demands it

but lets watch our mouths please.

Believing i’ll always be the same?

Well guess what?

You won’t change either.