May 02, 2009

Angry me prompts again..

So i keep waiting for the moment to come
but i forget that it already came..
I try hard to remember
but angry me is all i get.

Im dying from the inside,
killing what is left,
driven from my emotions, 
then angry me prompts again.

im bleeding the oh! such called love
but i dont think im gonna miss it though.
"Go catch it", "grab it", "dont let it go!"
Bullshit!.. its a roulette to choose from.

Who dares to talk about it anyways!
who thinks that it might be the only way to go?..
and i hear.. "Oh im so desperate to know the feeling"
Its a funkin process! and damn i already know..

Sacrifying your needs,
needing what others have,
painless if you dont feel,
feel pain from the inside,
killing the lazy moments,
moments that you could kill for!
choosing the right answer..
anwering before you chose,
and oh! those corny moments,
unforgetable they are..
pick'em from a funkin movie!
and then you can kiss my ass.


Nelson™ said...

jejeje te salio crudo ese.. que paso con el filtro?? :P

Ps: dile a tu ¨angry me¨ que coja vacacione ya.. eso no deja.

Jansεn said...

jajaja.. no hay filtro papa.. no me aguante! :P
i tried though..