November 02, 2008

Busy head..

It takes a second to fill my head with different thoughts
and a little more to answer the questions that with them come.
Unless a beat clear those things that get me wild,
I keep on questioning whatever comes to my mind for a while...

How you define hate and not demonstrate what you feel?
Can it be synonym of jealousy, or is it more like greedy i fear?
Can't people understand that some run with a better luck?
Some miss what in others exceed, and doesn't life goes on?

Is there a need to vandalism what's not yours?
At the end, they're just things, why to do that for?
Could you blame someone for something you can't proof?
Would you mind if they did the same to you?

Can you change what someone you don't know think?
Or would you rather care the less for it?

Have you ever tried to seduce a committed one?
Would you blame yourself for doing that?
Is it because of what people might deem?
But.. why to bother when we're free to think?

What do you do when you're not sure of what you feel?
Would it help if i tweak my arm for if its not real?
And again how do you demonstrate what you do not know?
Is this thing normal? am i paranoid?..

What is it that i like about him so much?!
What keeps me coming back around him between thoughts?
And what will i do if i have it and then change my mind?
Will anybody want to keep it up with me just fine?

Why does it have to be just one ..anyways?
Couldn't it be three or two or five all the way?

And why just now and not just.. then?
Well.. that's a good question.. 
That i haven't figure it out just yet..

The answer to my questions in the time i can find.
No doubt I'm impatient but i can hold for a while..
If i lose my serenity before time has come,
I'll need moooooore than a second to clear my thoughts!

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