September 24, 2008

Changing feelings

Sorrounded by friends,
surrounded by strangers
im feeling exited!
Im feeling courageous!

No one cant stop me!
no one can control me!
With wings in my back
i'd be flying nonstoping!

But then people is living..
i'm feeling deceiving,
i thought i had spirit
but with them disappearing
im changing my manners.
Tranforming, converting,
forgetting the feeling,
expiring.. It's killing me!

How can i stop this?
Can i go back to me?
Im falling not flying.
Im scared and too worried.

Standing in middle
but feeling ignored,
im having this feeling..
like fading, like dull..

But right when my knees
can't handle me more,
i wake up from the nightmare,
the one i hate more.

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