April 17, 2008

All i want to keep

Some places mark your map
some memories mark beginnings
come and see where I should go
and meet some friends with true feelings.

No one knows how I see things
no one knows how things see me
I just know where I want to be
far away from where I'm being.

There's a place far far up high
as high as the light blue sky
where I'm not sure if I should hide
but where I'm sure I should rest and lie.

And while I pack and follow my feet
I must say what I feel if I stay
a circle is closing around me
a circle of what I call friends.

So love me when I'm happy
hate me if I stay
let me go where nobody knows me
let me run from what I know instead.

I'm not running from you silly
I'm not running from my life
I just think ill be better if I start over
a lot better with only memories by my side.

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